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Aluminium GBOND Alka cleaner
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RXSOL Gbond AL 38 is a mildly alkaline soak cleaner for aluminium which  used for either non-etch cleaning or mild-etch cleaning. It is also an excellent and Powerful soak cleaner for zinc die castings and other reactive metals.It is ideal for non etch to mild etch cleaning of aluminium prior to anodising, chromating, bright dipping and electroplating.


RXSOL Gbond AL 38  is alkaline Product , so avoid to contact with naked skin, eye and Acidic nature materials.


Procedure for checking the concentration of Bath Solution


Take the  10ml bath solution in 500ml Becker or conical Flask. .Add few drops of Phenolphthanlien indicator , solution turn in Pink Color. Titrate against 1N H2SO4 from pink to colourless end point.

Calculation : Burrett Reading = Free Alkalinity.

Technical Specifications

1. Appearance : White To Off White Free Flowing Powder

2. Density : Na

3. Solubility In Water : Soluble

4. Odour : Nothing Characteristic

5. pH : Alkaline


RXSOL Gbond AL 38 is with corrosion inhibitor and buffered  to prevent attack on Aluminium, Zinc and other sensitive metals. No etching of aluminium occurs at low concentration and temperature, whereas mild controlled etching can be achieved at higher concentration and temperature. RXSOL Gbond AL 38 has good detergency Power to   removes soil light buffing compounds and marking ink. (However, for removal of heavy soil and buffing compounds, kindly use Rxsol Degreaser Emulsion.)


Concentration - 50 - 60 g/l

Free Alkanity - 3 - 4 ml

Temperature - 50 - 600 C

Time - 3 - 10 minutes

Solution of 4-5% concentration of the RXSOL Gbond AL 38  can be use for cleaning  and  For no-etch cleaning as the concentration is increased 5-10%, the time should be decreased to prevent etching. Even at low concentrations, some light clouding of buffed surfaces may be noticed during prolonged immersion. This will not be visible after plating or other finishing.

Cleaning is accomplished by simple immersion of the work in RXSOL Gbond AL 38 If the cleaner is operated as a mild-etch cleaner, a light smut will form on the surface of aluminium. The extent of smut formation will depend upon the etching time and the composition of the alloy. Alloys high in copper or silicon form a dark smut. Copper smuts can be removed in 66% v/v by  solution of Rxsol Passivation Liquid. If silicon is present in addition to copper, us RXSOL Passivation Liquid in net form.


Other Grades

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