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Slip Barrier Coats HOLD BLOCK
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Slip Barrier Polymer Coats HOLD BLOCK supplier in all major port of India and Middle East. We are keeping ready stock at Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Navlakhi, Hazira, Mumbai, JNPT, Visakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Chennai, Ennore, Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Slip Barrier Polymer Coats HOLD BLOCK also works as surface releasing agent and due to its chemicals resitance nature protect metal surface of ship from hazardous cargo.

Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25

Polymer water Resist thin layer on HOLD surface not only helps to keep ship hold surface ready and clean after discahrging the cargo but also providing protective layer  from Hazardous cargo like Sulphur, Salt etc. Slip Barrier Polymer Coats HOLD BLOCK is providing thin layer on metal surface, which can be easily remove by high water pressure.  POLYMER BASED non-reactive coating materials which makes thin film barrier on the surface after dry. Due to the formation of RXSOL THIN barrier film on the surface, the cleaning operation after unloading becomes quicker and easier with optimum results.


Protective Chemicals suitable for both sulphur and petcoke cargoes.

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FAQ - Slip Barrier Polymer Coat

Capt. ravi.prakash 4:54 PM (3rd JAN'19)
Dear Sir,
Ref our telcon, please find attached Hold photos after discharging of Australian Coal and cleaning (without applying any chemicals) in oct 2018 . Then vsl loaded Indonesian Coal and will be discharging same in abt a week. Next voyage is getting fixed to load Urea from Saudi. Basis the photos, which chemical would you suggest to be used. We were thinking of RXSOL PCS along with Alkaatuff. Fyi, Owners have supplied 1200 Ltrs of Alkaatuff HF last month. 
Thanks & best regards,
Capt. ravi.prakash

Dear Sir,

In image we can observe that BOTTOM line of hold is rusted, And your plan to load CLEAN CARGO like urea which is ammonia-ted product can result further heavy rusting. So here our suggestion is to go with PCS with Alkaatuff HF. And after cleaning hold rust can be treated with RUST CONVERTOR by the ratio of 1:100 Ltr with water, this will change free iron rust content to orginal metal colour. ( For treatment of rust Each Hold  maximum 50 Ltr RUST CONVERTOR REQUIRED ) and Finally HOLD can be treat with SLIP barrier Polymer COAT polymer, with dilution ration of 1:100 Ltr with Water. ( For Each Hold polymer coating  maximum 50 Ltr Slip Barrier Polymer Coat REQUIRED )

Refer this link to get IMAGE of CARGO HOLD. HOLD CONDITION REPORT 12.10.2018(1).xlsx 

USES of slip barrier coat provide transparent POLYMER layer in between UREA and HOLD surface.

Application of SLIP Barrier Polymer COAT is always be wise decision, this will not only protect hold metal surface from UREA contact, but also helps to release cargo without adhesion on cargo.


Thanking you


Silvi HOLD CONDITION REPORT 12.10.2018(1).xlsx


This Emulsion is safe to use , But as a precaution goggles & Protective gloves with mask require before use of this materials.

Precaution : 1 > Deposition of previous cargo /  Lime wash should be removed .
                     2 > Newly Painted surface should be fully cured.

Other Valuable Hold Cleaners :::

Cement Remover RX Hold ::: Highly concentrated and powerful penetrating agents materials which is effectively react with cement to loosen the bonding strength . Best results can obtain on dry surface of cement. RXSOL'S R & D has developed this molecular cement dissolver. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2202-025, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2202-020,  Part No.- RXSOL-22-2202-050

Part No.- RXSOL-22-2202-035, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2202-210



Slip Barrier Polymer Coats HOLD BLOCK RXSOL HOLD BLOCK  ::: Polymer EMULSION BASED non reactive coating materials which makes thin film barrier on surface after dry. Due to formation of RXSOL THIN barrier film on surface, the cleaning operation after unloading becomes quicker and easier with optimum results. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2210-210, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2210-025, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2210-050


BARRIER HOLD COAT ::: Highly effective ecofriendly Product blending of natural ingredients which is provide thin temprory film on Hold Surface to protect corrosion. This is making barrier between corrosive cargo like Sulphur, Salt, Petcoak, Cement etc and Hold surface. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2211-210


COAL REMOVER rx hold  ::: A powerful penetrating mixed chemical products to remove heavy coal deposits. Additionally, it may also be used to remove mineral deposits and eliminate bad odors in tanks and other closed systems. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2215-210, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2201-025, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2201-050



Hold Wash Concentrate RX ::: RXSOL hold wash is a versatile all purpose marine cleaning solution it can be used as a powerful stand alone cleaner for Petroleum oily stains and residues, vegetable and animal fats, as well as dirt, proteins, soils, coal, ore, coke or in combination. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2204-210, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2204-025, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2204-050



Rock Phosphate Cleaner rx hold  ::: A powerful penetrating mixed chemical products to remove heavy Rock Phospate deposits. Additionally, it may also be used to remove mineral deposits and eliminate bad odors in tanks and other closed systems. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2201-210


PCS Hold Clean ::: RXSOL PCS is an innovative, concentrated liquid product specifically engineered to attack, penetrate and remove Coal Carbon, pet coke, lime deposition accumulations from cargo and storage tanks, Also Developed for cargo hold cleaning to remove stains.  Part No.- RXSOL-22-2208-210


HBI CARGO Hold Wash Concentrate RX::: RX HBI CARGO Hold Wash Concentrate RX is a versatile all-purpose QUALITY marine cleaning solution. It can be used as a powerful stand-alone cleaner for HBI CARGO . it can be used as a powerful\ stand alone cleaner for HBI CARGO dust and deposition. Part No.- RXSOL-22-2216-210, Part No.- RXSOL-22-2216-025



Technical Specifications
  • Product metal against corrosive cargo
  • Products paint against cargo penetration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to  use in occupied / covered areas
  • Reduces turn around times
  • Easy to direct spray
  • If hold cleaning is to be performed from tank top level only powerful equipment designed for cargo hold cleaning will do the job in a minimum of time.
  • Effective cleaning chemicals that can dissolve stains and remove discoloring are required the crew needs to have effective  equipment to apply these chemicals from tank top level personal proactive equipment is required depending on type and condition of hold paint chemical that protect the paint may also be needed
  • And don’t forget procedures  have to be drown up and your
  • Crew  trained for the job Standardization of equipment and chemical onboard you ship will make life easier for your seaman and save your time

Slip Barrier Polymer Coats HOLD BLOCK is a  Heavy Duty protective Solution for hold of vessels,  which carrying corrosive and / or messy cargos  such as sulphur salt petcock coal and concentrates. It can be easily removed with it

Recommendation Dose for smooth surface : 
for Sulphur, Salt, etc        100 Ltrs/Hold for HANDYMAX & 150 Ltrs/Hold for PANAMAX
& for Petcoke, Coal, etc   200 Ltrs/Hold for HANDYMAX & 250 Ltrs/Hold for PANAMAX


This materials can be use directly with low pressure machine or manually by garden spray pump. in general practice on smooth & clean surface  each drums of 210 ltrs covers 2000 to 2500 sq meter while on rough and rusted surface require more quantities of materials.


Industrial Area


for HANDYMAX  (5 Holds) : In general  500 Ltr to 1000 Ltr   RXSOL-22-2210-210 require to cover area up to 12 mtrs , i.e approx 1/2 drum to 1 drum of material is sufficient for each hold , while
for PANAMAX    (7 Holds) : In general 1000 Ltr to 2000 Ltrs RXSOL-22-2210-210 require to cover full area. , i.e approx 3/4 drum to 1.25 drums of material is sufficient for each hold.

Useful Area


Slip Barrier Coats HOLD BLOCK is a Heavy Duty protective Solution for the hold of vessels which carrying corrosive and / or messy cargos such as Sulphur, Salt, Petcoke, coal and concentrates. It can be easily removed after discharging of cargo .
FEATURES AND BENEFITS:...................................
$ Protects metal against corrosive cargo.
$Safe on all coatings, and to the personnel handling it.
$ Protects paint against cargo penetration.
$ Environmentally friendly.
$ Safe to use in occupied / covered areas.
$ Reduces turn around times.
$ Easy to Direct Spray.

Other Important materials, which help to control corrosion on the metal surface. Chemically SULPHUR producing STRONG acid in presence of  moisture under excess of temperature, Freshly prepared acid during the reaction rapidly damaging steel surface. This can be prevented by ACID neutralisation method. RXSOL BILGE COAT is specially meant to solve this issue. For more details of product, You may click here to know more details about product and using procedures.

RXSOL Bilge Coat (Sulphur Acid Neutralizer)  Acts as Acid Neutralizer formed during sulphur voyages


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