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Degresol High Flash Point Degreaser
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RXSOL-16-1009-020 is a well balanced blend of non aromatic hydrocarbons degresol ( having super degreasing power ) with non polar degreasing surfactant effects. Its balanced evaporation rate enables it to be used for cleaning and degreasing of electrical equipment, motor winding machine coolant from machined parts, castings, panels and electrical/electronic components etc.  classified as non flammable, flash point 62°C. 

Designed to provide a versatile degreasing solution for all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs

Safe high flash point odourless degreaser Best substitute of hazardous solvents 

Appropriate solution for use on even the most sensitive metals and plastics and in critical applications as well as for general oil and grease removal. 


Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Provide good ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes. STORAGE PRECAUTIONS Store at moderate temperatures in dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. 



*ELECTROSOL QD (quick dry )
*ELECTROSOL NF (Non-flammable )
*ELECTROSOL PLUS APPLICATION : For cleaning of electrical parts .

Technical Specifications

Product  Properties:

AppearancClear  Colourless LiquidLow Evaporation Rate

Flash Point63°C (Closed Cup)

Stability : Very stable understandard, normal conditions

Odour Almost odourlessEasy to handle at work station

SOLUBILITY Insoluble in waterSoluble in Solvent


Metal Plastic         RubberNo known effect
No Known effect
May swellNote: After use the product must always be well sealed in the drum.

PackagingOrder No.:Size (in kgs./lts.)

 RXSOL-16-1009-020  7/25   Lts

  • High dissolving and penetration action with minimum residual effect.
  • Excellent degreasing power .Removal of oils, greases, machining fluids, hydraulic fluids, and hydrocarbon-based protective coatings in manufacturing processes. 
  • Safe on applied electrical insulation.
  • Non-corrosive .It is safe to use on painted or varnished metal surfaces also Excellent compatibility with metals and most plastics. 
  • Without chlorinated solvents.
  • Suitable for De-watering following aqueous processing. Application RXSOL-16-1009-020 to wet surfaces will replace unwanted water from components and electrical systems. 
  • To be used as an alternative to conventional electric cleaners Cleaning electrical and electronic equipment.    
  • Low odour and controlled evaporation reduce exposure in the workplace.
  • Suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems. 
  • Degreasing of machinery, components and assemblies during maintenance and repair. 
  • Final cleaning prior to welding, painting, bonding or coating. 

It must be applied concentrated . May be applied to the surface by brush or spray, agitate stubborn deposits if required with a brush and wipe away residues with clean cloth.

RXSOL-16-1009-020 can also be use in dip tank applications.  

Heavily soiled components may require agitation with a brush.

RXSOL-16-1009-020 preferably use in open or sufficiently ventilated areas. RXSOL-16-1009-020should always be used concentrate (without mixing with other solvent.)

For best results apply with either by brush, swab,or as a fine spray using suitable hand held spray  equipment. Small components may be cleaned by brief immersion in a bath of RXSOL-16-1009-020. Never use RXSOL-16-1009-020 on a running generator or motor. RXSOL-16-1009-020 can be used to clean virtually all electrical equipment  & components although  is it possible it may affect some types of rubber &  plastic. Either  remove  rubber  &  plastic  parts  from  component  or test on small area for any reaction before cleaning.

For optimum performance in ultrasonic cleaning systems a frequency of 25 kHz is recommended. Due to the self-heating ability of such systems a temperature control should be installed on the machine to ensure operating temperature remains below 40°C. Whilst components may be allowed to air dry naturally drying times can be reduced by wiping away excess material with a cloth or by employing forced air drying techniques.


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