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VOLC white Mullti Clean
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A concentrated oil and grease solvent and emulsifier. Penetrates, dissolves and flushes away dirt , temporary coatings from metal and painted surfaces as well as wax, dirt, oils, greases from machinery, floors and equipment.  Emulsion Degreaser will not flash ignite below its boiling point (210 degrees F.) and is self exinguishing.

Its POLYMER formulation provides multimetal corrosion protection for 24-48 hours.


Material Safety

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. For contact with skin, flush with water. For contact with eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. If swallowed drink two glass of water and induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention. After vomiting, give water, milk or solution of sodium bichromate in water (1 teaspoon per quart). Do not give anything to an unconscious or convulsing person. Caution, contains heavy aromatic naphtha.

Technical Specifications

Technical Information

Appearance: White Viscous Solubility: Excellent

Density: > 1 pH Level: Neutral

Odor: Sweet Smell Foaming: Low

Flash Point: None To Boiling Point Stability: Stable



  • Biodegradable, Heavy-duty temporary coating, grease and sludge remover

  • Effective cleaner for  for light oils and greases 

  • No reaction with painted surfaces, Non-flammable

  • High Viscous liquid that will cling to ceilings and vertical surfaces in a ready-to-use formulation

  • Dilution ration up to 0.5% also gives good result for cleaning.

  • Its Polymer based formulation gives corrosion protection on cleaned metal parts


Spray or mop Emulsion Degreaser over surface to be cleaned. If grease buildup is thick, score with a wire brush and mix with cleaner. Allow Emulsion Degreaser to stand for 10 minutes then hose off with water, preferably a pressure washer type system. Emulsion Degreaser can be used as a presoak or pretreat prior to cleaning with steam. For milder soils Emulsion Degreaser can be diluted with 10 parts of water. At this dilution can be used in tanks or for swabbing off surfaces. Emulsion Degreaser can be used safely on ferrous metals and is excellent for degreasing concrete floors prior to painting. It can also be used on engine blocks, chassis, machinery and shop floors. 


1st step ::: Apply full strength or diluted ( 40 part water and 60 PART RXSOL ) It can be sprayed with an airless, pot agricultural sprayer. Always test wet film coverage on a neutral surface before beginning.  Let the product stand (wet) for 2-6 minutes, depending on the film thickness of the product to be removed and the length of time that the coating has cured. Reapplication may be required.

2nd step ::: For Removal of product and coating ::: use POWER WASHER with Pressure: 50-300 psi (3.4-21 bar) Temperature: 115o-160oF (46o-71oC) 

If coating is not removed completely repeat step 1. 

3rd STEP :::

For Cleaning Engine Blocks or Heavily Greased/Soiled Equipment:

1. Repeat step 1 above. The solution may be diluted to increase penetration. Let the product sit for 5-20 minutes.
2. Repeat step 2 above.
3. Repeat process as necessary until greased/soiled equipment is clean. 


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