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This is a  floor cleaner in concentrated form for use on every surface where water is permissible.  Its chemical action quickly removes dirt, grease and grime, leaving the surface film-free.  Excellent for use in automatic scrubbing machines.  It is excellent blend of non-corrosive, non-flammable and low foaming agent.  This warehouse floor cleaner is a synergistic blend of surfactants along with special sequesterants, builders, and emulsifiers.  The high quality of detergent builders in this scrubber soap keep soil suspended for easy pickup by machine vacuums or when used with a wet mop.  Its superior soil penetration and retention allows it to be used at very low cost per gallon use dilutions.  This ride on scrubber floor cleaner may be used with hard or soft water.  This machine floor cleaner is v.o.c. free and is environmentality friendly.  Use in regulated states for amount of V.O.C.'s or any where environmental concerns are important.

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