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Hcl Acid Thickner EBV RXSOL
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RXSOL EBV a viscosity builder for toilet cleaner in Acidic medium. Main feature of this product is not only works as a VISCOSITY BINDER also increase cleaning effect due to its emulsifiable nature. 

This is unique formulatory product blend of anti bacterial of quantum ammonium compound, which excellent result of thickening & anti bacterial property.

Very popular to use as a cleaning and Detergent boosters  


Advantage : RXSOL EBV is stable and effective over a wide range of pH and dose not lose its efficacy in hard water. It is biodegradable and also controlling the fume of acids like, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid etc.

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties :

Appearance Clear Viscous Liquid

Chemical Nature Ethoxylated fatty amine

pH 9-11

Sp.Gravity 1.12

Boiling Point Not Applicable

Solubility in water 100 % Soluble

Moisture content 1% max

Active content  99%

Solid point     < 10c temp


A versatile , broad -spectrum non phenolic biocide and fungicide for Leather, Paper, Paint ,Textile, wood and Water treatment free from penta - cholorophenate.


  • High in effectiveness

  • Enhanced shelf life

  • Accurate composition



# Acid thickening systems
# Agricultural adjuvants
# Anti-static agents
# Textile processing aids
# Cationic emulsification
# Corrosion inhibition
# Petroleum production and refining
# Detergent boosters
# Chemical intermediates for production of specialty surfactants such as quaternaries, amine oxides, etc.


RXSOL EBV is used as viscosity builder in Acid cleaning and dose suggested for building viscosity to 2-5 % depending upon acid content.

Acid thickener for Toilet cleaners Manufacturing procedure :::  Required materials Perfume, Acid thickener, Hcl are used for toilet cleaners formulation

The cationic ethoxylated amines thickeners of HCL acid and sulphamic acid & other acid gives very effective results & safe usually, by using the dosage of RXSOL EBV viscosity of toilet cleaners and antibacterial agent of toilet cleaners, can be adjusts to underspecification it gives long-term viscosity and stability and 90% corrosion inhibition in Hcl acid we recommend dosage level of 2 to 3% by weight our RXSOL EBV is synergy tics blend of antibacterial of quant ammonium compound, which excellent result of thickening & antibacterial property


Note : Hcl acid required 33% purity and should be iron free & sulphamic acid used of 30 to 33 % liquid from R O water make solution

Procedure for 1 kgs batch size :::  720 ml water + 30 gms (RXSOL-19-1504-005) add mix well Then 250 Gms HCL 33% add slowly slowly with proper stirring and mix with pigment 2 to 5 gms and fragrance 3 gms lemongrass oil and other dilution with 720 ml water and HCl percentage ratio 12 to 15% in finish products and thickens your required

Storage & handling ::: The products can be stored at room temp, for two years, avoid contact with a strong oxidizing agent does not storage 60C temp.


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