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This foaming concentrated wax  is used before the final rinse cycle of automatic car washes.  This product will produce a rich colored foam wax when used through a foam generating rinse arch.  Prism is non-staining and may be used on any color automobile.  Prism contains high foaming surfactants and finish protectors.  Prism makes water run off the finish for faster spot-free drying, and helps to resist further soiling to keep the paint and chrome finish looking better, longer.  This highly concentrated product gives the gloss appearance the customer desires in a convenient economical form.  Prism contains a bubblegum fragrance when applied to auto finish leaves a nice fragrance in the wash tunnel. Directions: Dilute Prism with 10 – 30 parts soft water.  Run this diluted solution into the air generating arch that applies the rinse and wax additive.  Be sure to apply to a clean surface to allow the protective coating to adhere to the automotive surface. Caution: Do not ingest,  If this does occur, induce vomiting.  Contact physician immediately.  For eye or skin contact flush area with clear water for 2 minutes.  Keep container sealed when not in use.

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