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Latex Remover
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Latex Remover Tank Cleaning Chemicals and Detergent Manufacturer and supplier in INDIA - UAE GULF - Oman. RXSOL-20-2040-025 is our specified Latex Cleaning Chemicals manufacaturer and supplier in Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhabi, UAE GULF, Middle East, Ruwi Barka Gala, Barka Muscat Oman, Mumbai Kandla, Surat, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Gandhidham, Paradip, Nairobi Kenya, Sudan Yemen, CANADA

Tank Cleaner-20

RXSOL Latex Remover is very strong cleaner to remove various type of latex and latex films. It is free from hydrocarbon solvent and it is biodegradable.


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Light Yellow






1.15 at 20°C


Use for Tank cleaning of Cargo tank, Tank Container and Storage Tank. Also use in workshop as a stripper to clean the lates from floor ,


1.  Butter worth the tank after discharge without any delay for 2 hours with warm fresh water and inject from the beginning on the RXSOL LATEX REMOVER. Make the solution of Rxsol Latex Remover  4-10% with water for tank cleaning procedures. Allow product to soak for 20 minutes and flash down with fresh water. Same for circulation method where time for circulation could be between 1-3 hours. An additional circulation could be necessary when deposits of Latex are quite heavy . Spray RXSOL LATEX REMOVER at ambient temperature and allow approximately 20 minutes activation time. The latex can then be removed with cold water by means of high pressure. If necessary, repeat this treatment.

 2.   Ventilate, mop and dry the tank. Some minor dried latex residues which could be present on heating coils and pump body have to be removed manually.Recommended preparations before loading and discharge of Latex: Prepare the loading/discharge connection directly at the pump stack of the respective tank and flange off the line to the manifold. Install a valve at this connection  and use hoses for the shore connection (necessary length should be as short as possible). Close the drop line inside the tank by a flange or alternatively with wooden plug.If a plug has to be used cover this with plastic foil (At least 3 layers) and fix it with a stainless steel band. For loading and discharge use the deep well pump only. All other connections and openings inside the tank should   be dismantled, flanged off or protected as described above (e.g. steam, nitrogen,vapour line connections etc). Fixed tank cleaning machines should be dismantled and blinder flanged. Tank dome hatches and Butter worth hatches including gaskets should be protected with a plastic foil which has to be placed between the dome and the hatch. Before loading steam the tank with very low pressure (1 bar) to make sure that the bulkheads, tank  top, bottom and the lines inside the tank are humid but avoid any heat up. All equipment that might come into  contact with the Latex should be washed with fresh water so they are humid before the loading takes place. Load the tank 100% and into the tank domes to prevent that the Latex comes into contact with air during the voyage. During loading the vessel must be therefore trimmed and kept on even keel to prevent air pockets in the tank. Before discharge remove the plugs of the vapour connection and steam connection and flush all equipment that might come into contact with Latex with fresh water During discharge keep the tank closed tokeep the humidity.


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