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Thermal Fluid Heaters (Hot Oil Heaters) utilize oil as the heat transfer media, circulated in a closed loop between the heater and a customer’s heat user.

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1)Hot Oil bath is without nitrogen blanketing and open vent to Atmosphere:
2)Operating temperature range is 200-240 oC.
3)Compaitable Oxidaion Inhibitor shall be blended to enhance service life of the bath fluid oxidation inhibitor shall not be supplied.
4)Vendor to submit MSDS and product datasheet for the supplied Bath Fluids complete with chemical product and company identification, composition and / or information on Ingredients, Hazards Identification, First Aid Measures, Fire & Explosion data,accidental release measures, handling & storage. Exposure control & Personal protechtion, Physical and chemical properties,stability and reactivity Data, Toxicological and Ecological information,  Disposal Consideration transport, Regulatory and other information , if any.
5)Heat Transfer Parameter is used to evaluate the heat transfer coefficient, where
K= Thermal Conductivity of bath fluid, BTU/Hr-ft-F
C= Specification heat of bath fluid, BTU/Ib-F
p=Density of bath fluid, ib/ft3
B=Coefficient of thermal expansion of bath fluid. 1/0F
U=Viscosity of bath fluid,cp
All these parameters are calculated at 200oC
6) Heat Transfer coefficient for the stagnant bath fluid with natural convecttion at temperature >200oC to be specified with the calculation procedure used.

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