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Cold Flow Improver and Pour Point Dispersant
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Fuel Treatment-70

RXSOL Cold Flow Improver and Pourpoint Dispersant is a versatile product to improve the flow in winter (Low temperature). This also reduced risk of fuel waxing and solidification. This product reduces pour point and cold filter plugging point (CFPP), by an average of 15°C and 10°C respectively. This brings about many safety and financial benefits to the end user

 Benefit :

  • Maintain pumpability, filterability and operability, avoiding fuel starvation and loss of propulsion
  • Improve reliability of lifeboats and other emergency equipment
  • Treat MGO storage tanks, may reduce or even eliminate heating requirements  

Features & Benefits

  • Cold flow improver and pour point depressant
  • Delays the onset of paraffin crystallization to improve cold flow properties
  • Enables you to handle the fuel at lower temperatures
  • Adds safety in handling of the fuel by reducing the pour point of the fuel
  • Keep the wax crystals in suspension preventing wax fallout and accumulation
Tag Identification

Cold Flow Improver and Pour Point Dispersant is a product that can help to improve the cold flow properties of a marine distillate fuel. RXSOL Cold Flow Improver and Pour Point Dispersant will help reduce the wax formation and also to reduce the risk of wax fallout and accumulation.


Handling (Personnel)
Avoid breathing vapors or mist. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.
Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Store in accordance with National Fire Protection Association recommendations.

Technical Specifications


Colour : Slightly hazy
Density : 0.895 kg/ltr
Flash Point : 60°C
Pour Point : -30°C

A distillate fuel paraffin’s. The paraffin’s are quite large molecules and have a tendency to come together and form larger structures as the temperature drops in the fuel. The paraffin’s can also be referred to as wax and a fuel with high wax content will have a tendency to cause wax formation at higher temperatures. Once the wax particles has formed they are difficult to dissolve back into the fuel. The RXSOL Cold Flow Improver and Pour Point Dispersant stoped to make the particle in fuel and maintain it flow rate.


RXSOL Cold Flow Improver and Pour Point Dispersant should be dosed to the fuel tank prior to filling. The recommended dosage is one litre to one thousand litres of fuel (1:1000 or 1000 ppm). In case of poor response, dosage can be increased to one litre to five hundred litres of fuel (1:500 or 2000 ppm)

Please note: The dosing temperature should always be at least 5oC above the measured cloud point of the fuel.

Dosage of Product

Dosage of product

1-Ton Fuel bunkered

10-Ton Fuel bunkered

50-Ton Fuel bunkered

100-Ton Fuel bunkered

1000 ppm Dose 1 ltr Dose 10 ltr Dose 50 ltr Dose 100 ltr
2000 ppm Dose 2 ltr Dose 20 ltr Dose 100 ltr Dose 200 ltr

10 Ton fuel bunkered
50 Ton bunkered
100 Ton bunkered

Useful Area

Dosage of product

Dosage of product

1-ton fuel bunkered

10-ton fuel bunkered

50-ton fuel bunkered

100-ton fuel bunkered

1000 ppm Dose 1 ltr Dose 10 ltr Dose 50 ltr Dose 100 ltr
2000 ppm Dose 2 ltr Dose 20 ltr Dose 100 ltr Dose 200 ltr

10 ton fuel bunkered
50 ton bunkered
100 ton bunkered


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