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Degreaser Heavy Duty
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We are supplier and stockist of degreaser at all major Indian ports and Middle East ports. We are popular among Ship Suppliers and Chandlers and shipping agent as a marine chemicals supplier which includes Refrigerant Freon 22, Laundry Soap and Detergents, Cleaner and Polish Goods, Hold cleaning and tank cleaning detergent, Oil spill dispersant, carbon remover, Electrocleaner, Water less hand cleaner, Teepol, Coolant, Glycol, Boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals etc...

Degreaser Heavy Duty manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Muscat, Oman, Salalah, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Ennore, Navi Mumbai MIDC

Deck cabin galley Maintenance-25

Excellent for removal of oil and grease.  Readily soluble in water in all proportions. It is a unique formulation blended from inorganic, organic compounds and detergents with powerful dispersing agents and aliphatic petroleum distillates.   It is non-corrosive to metal like copper, aluminium, mild steel and plastic. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy.

Ideal for use where chlorinated solvents are undesirable or prohibited.



1st Method:-
Mix 1 part of RXSOL-10-1005-025 with 2 -10 parts of water / GAS-OIL  , For heavy oil,greasy surface use directly)Spray directly on the entire surface to be cleaned. This can be achieved by Hand spray / mechanical spray pump. Immediately after 2 -5 minute of spray the RXSOL-10-1005-025 starts its function. The Dirt, oil grease etc will loosen. 5 to 6 minutes after spraying start rinsing the system with water (High pressure recommended). Dirt and mud starts vanishing with cleaning media and water.

2nd Method:-
Application in immersion process with or without ultrasonic support, manual wipping.

3rd Method:- 
RXSOL-10-1005-025 is also used in conjunction with alkaline degreasing bath at 3-5% (v/v) concentration for better and quick degreasing action. Eithers the bath is heated to be 70c or the solution can be stirred or air agitated.

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We supply all marine chemicals products & Lubricants .We arrange to supply Shell /Castrol /Servo / Mobil oils, EP2 Grease, Molykote, Molyslip, Aerosol, Silicone, Petrol, Paraffin oil, coal tar, fish oil, tallow, turpentine, white spirit, Teflon coating, Rustolvo, silicon grease, aerosol spray, molyslip, copaslip, greases, degreaser etc...


RXSOL-10-1005-025  is easily soluble in water Action is quite fast even at low temperature which gives advantages of cleaning under operation And avoid shut down and down time.
Non corrosive to most of the metals / plastics.
Gives clear finish to the surface .
Lower cost due to high concentration

Use undiluted for heavily soiled component


Complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonised grease, heavy oil , gum, vegetable oil, lube oil, soot, asphalt, carbon stains etc. Gives clear finish to the surface. Excellent for us as a wash for fuel tankers & as a liquid steam jenny compound .
Specialized & Treated for the really tough daily cleaning problems faced in the proper Maintenance of Industrial and Institutional physical plants.  Can be used as a stripper for all types of waxes and finishes and as a Degreaser where regular cleaners will not perform. May be brushed on , sprayed or used in a dip tank . Excellent for use as a wash for fuel tankers & as a liquid steam jenny compound.

Industrial Area



Depending upon contamination 2-25% with fresh water.

It is an extremely versatile heavy duty cleaner suitable for use in soak tanks, high pressure washers, automated scrubbing machines and for manual use.

Useful Area

REM-25, Heavy Oil Remover / Drew Clean 2000, Care clean Degreaser GP. Mariclean, Dumbuster Liquid, HDE 777, CLEANER 1155, SEA SHIELD DEGREASER 79115, OSGR, Arrow C180HDD Heavy Duty Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser, BYCOTEST- C5 CLEANING AGEN, SUPERVIX, Degreaser Heavy Duty 25 Ltr


Powerful Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser with dispersing agents. Readily soluble in water in all proportions. It is non-corrosive to metal like copper, aluminium, mild steel and plastic. It is non-toxic which makes handling easy.


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