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Demulsifier Emulsion Breaker
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RXSOL Demulsifier  is a totally organic liquid formulation of surfactants and  soluble in toluene, Xylene, Aromatic solvent, crude oil for the demulsification of water in oil and oil in water, capable of performance at room temperature, but with improved speed and percentage of oil removed when applied at temperatures near 60 deg. C (140 deg. F). RXSOL crude oil demulsifier destabilizes the oil-water interface that surrounds each water particle in the emulsion, replaces the emulsifier molecules (if any), and allows the water to coalesce. RXSOL crude oil demulsifier (demulsification of crude oil) is a completely combustible, non-abrasive; non-ash-forming treatment, which will improve the quality of the fuel it, is added to. The effects of crude oil demulsifier in demulsification of water in crude oil emulsions are based on relative rates of water separation were recognized through emulsion breakers.


Storage and Handling : 

RXSOL DEMULSIFIER shall be stored in closed containers away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature. During handling, direct contact with human body is to be avoided. Safety goggles and gloves are recommended for safe handling. The spillage can be handled with dry absorbent like sand, sawdust, etc. On ingestion / eye contact with the product, medical attention should be sought immediately.


Feature and Benefit :

Contains surface-active materials
Separates water from oil
Free from defilements
Excellent stability
Precise chemical composition
Easy to Handle.

RXSOL group is pioneer in manufacturing of oil field chemicals. We are Demulsifier Emulsion Breaker manufacturer and producing this product in large scale. Our multilocation branches enable us to supply this chemicals on short notice period. Demulsifier Emulsion Breaker 25 Ltr supplier in Mumbai, Jnpt, Navi Mumbai, Kandla, Mundra, Manglore, visakhapatnam, Chennai, Kolkata, Ennore, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East.

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Technical Specifications


 Physical appearance Clear free flowing brown colour homogeneous liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25° C 0.92 ± 0.02
Viscosity @ 25° C < 30 cps [cst]
Pour Point < 0° C
 ph range 5.0 – 8.0
Solubility in Hydrocarbons Soluble
Solubility in water Insoluble
 Flash point ° C >60° C
Shelf Life Minimum two years
Packing 25 Ltrs.

RXSOL DEMULSIFIER is  Water-In-Oil Demulsifiers, which can be used as stand-alone Demulsifiers to separate Formation Water from Crude Oil Emulsion. There are vast differences and Characteristics of Crude Oils produced in various Fields. Use and application Oil Soluble Demulsifier Testing & Selection is accomplished by standard Bottle Tests in Lab followed by Field Trial Tests. They are commonly used in the processing of crude oil for effectively separating formation water from emulsions in crude oil.

This is a complex chemical which is removed water from the water in Oil (W/O) and oil in water (O/W) emulsion, which are generated or produce in Crude oil, Petroleum recovery & refinery process. As this Emulsion contains water, which causes many problem for oil & gas producer so the emulsion have to be brake down or demulsified to separate out the water. 

Demulsifier or Emulsion-breaker is used in 

  • Remove oil from wastewater stream.

  • Remove water from petrochemical, natural oils & water-gas mixture.

  • Remove solid from the sludge.

  • Minimize the wastage to store from waste system. 

Mineral crude oil producer, supplier, petroleum & Petro chemical process plant, oil refinery plant, waste water treatment plant etc use Demulsifier or Emulsion braker. 

Demulsifier or Emulsion braker is not only remove the water from emulsion but also help in following manner : 

  • Lower the operating cost.

  • Lower emissions.

  • Reduce wastage & its disposal cost. 

  • Increase the profit by recovery of material.

  • Increase the efficiency of the plant.

Packing : 50 & 200 Kg in M.S. / HDPE Drum.

Due to vast differences in characteristics of crude oil produced in various fields, as well as in the production plant & treatment systems, Demulsifier or Emulsion-braker is usually formulated as per specified field to get optimum result.


Dose recommendations have to be made on a case-by-case basis. The dosage of RXSOL DEMULSIFIER prescribed to break a particular emulsion varies from as little as 1 ltr per 20,000 Ltrs (50 ppm) of oil to as much as 1 Ltr per 10,000 ltrs (100 ppm) of oil. A few companies have even found that 20 ppm was more effective than the higher dosages, so we suggest adding the lower levels to your laboratory bench tests to verify the correct dosage for the specific application. Finding the most cost-effective dosage, as well as determining the best conditions of temperature, slow mixing, settling time, etc., is best done in the laboratory, using a sample of the actual oil or waste and a sample of Demulsifier.

Methodology for Evalution of Demulsifier :

Step 1 :Treat 100ml of the emulsion with 40 mg/litre of Demulsifer, (using 1% w/v solution in xylene in 100 ml graduatd conical tube) and give 100 shakes of approximately 12 in stroke

Step 2 : Place treated emulsion in water bath maintained at 70 +1oC for a period of 15 minutes and allow it to settle for 5 minutes at 30+2oC. measure the quantity of clear water settled

Step 3 : Conduct a blank test with untrented emulsion under condition similsr to treated emulsion

Step 4 : Subtract the water seprator if any in blank test from treated sample and denote it as V. Similarly subtract the water separated from blank from total water present in emulsion and denote it Vo.

Report Efficiency Percentage as Follow : % Effiency =(V/ Vo) x 100


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