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Oil Spill Dispersant Type-I
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OSD Oil Spill Dispersant manufacturer and supplier in Navi Mumbai Bombay MIDC, Surat, Gandhidham, Kandla, Mundra, Jamnagar, Visakhapatnam, Chennai Ennore, Kolkata Haldia, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, Abudhabi, Muscat - Barka, Sohar, OMAN


RXSOL-17-1012-025 is a bio-degradable Emulsifier and low aromatic based product with excellent efficiency and low toxicity with superior penetration. This product is specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place. APPLICATION :Oil spills at sea, harbours, beaches, or on land. OSD is also very useful in industrial cleaning and dispersant of OIL from work station.


OSD oil spill dispersant available on good discoutned price on FACTORY sale option at Meghpar Gandhidham, Turbhe Pawana Navi Mumbai, Gangavaram Visakhapatnam, Howrah Jungalpur Kolkata, Ennore Chennai, Fujairah UAE

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Features & Benefits
Concentrated blend of dispersants and solvents
Low toxicity
Rapid efficient dispersal of a wide range of oil residues. Converts hydrocarbons into very fine emulsions
Ready to use
Cost effective
Economical cleaner
Reduces fire hazard
Does not contribute to pollution

Technical Specifications

Appearance: Pale Golden brown clear liquid  
Density        :  0.8
Flash point  : 80°C
                        Metal: no known effect.
                        Rubber: no known effect.


Biodegradable and having low toxicity . Self –life 5 YEARS( FROM MANUFACTURING DATE ) . 
HIGH – EMULSIFICATION rate Converts hydrocarbons particle  in to  very fine emulsions. Ready to use product.Suitable for Crude  / Bitumen / Residual  / Diesel / Kerosene, White spirit Lube oils etc .
Effective  on oil spills at platefoprm , during loading or discharging of; cargo  or bunkers .
For cleaning of spills on Deck, Ships side, Piers, Wharfs, etc. where allowed .

Industrial Area

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To combat oil spills

Oil Spill Dispersant Dispersant for spilled oil products.

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Oil Spill Dispersant Clean OSD. A product for dispersing oil products spilled at sea or in a port.



1 liter of RXSOL-17-1012-025 is enough to treat approx 20-30 sq meters of dispersed oil .


RXSOL-17-1012-025   is used concentrated  by  direct spraying to clean up oil spills at sea . It  can  be  applied  by hand spray, work boats with  mounted  spray booms , or  fire  hoses  with  injectors. Allow  some  time  for  the  oil to absorb the  RXSOL-17-1012-025 &  then  disperse  mixture   by vigorous   agitation   using   Fire   hoses ,   Ship's propeller, Breaker boards towed  behind work boats ,  etc . 

Use concentrated RXSOL-17-1012-025 over oiled spilled areas then Allow it  for chemical reaction with the oil to  absorb  the DISPERSANT then follow by washing down the beach or rocks, etc. Reaction of effectiveness and  treatment  rate is completley depends on the  nature  and  thickness of  the oil spill, also on  the age and condition. Under conditions where it is  a  thin slick of oil, 1 litre of  RXSOL-17-1012-025 is enough to treat approximately 20-30 Sq.M of oil. In many cases, several applications  may be necessary. ( Depends on the size of contamination in the affected area )

Remove and strips as much possible of the oil , then spray RXSOL-17-1012-025 over area covered by the oil  &  then allow some time for it to be absorbed and chemical reaction as well as emulsification. Disperse the mixture with water by means of a fire hose Depending on type of oil it may be necessary to use several applications.

Tank cleaning
RXSOL-17-1012-025 may also be used for tank cleaning as an ecologically more acceptable cleaner than other types. RXSOL-17-1012-025 may be used by injection at 0,1-2% or recirculation at 1-5%.

Other Shipboard Cleaning Operations
RXSOL-17-1012-025 can be used for general shipboard oil contamination. Cleaning bilges and engine parts. Cleaning of heat exchangers and degreasing diesel engine cooling water systems, etc.


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