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Combotreat Pwd 7 Kg
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Boiler Chemicals-42

RXSOL-50-5004-007 is a dry powder containing Alkalinity builders, Phosphates and Sludge Conditioners.



Product Description:-RXSOL-50-5004-007  is a well-balanced blend of several powder for boiler water treatment, resulting in a scale and corrosion control by one simple operation.

Funtion Mechanism:-

Alkalinity Control:-This components of  RXSOL-50-5004-007  chemically  precipitate  the hardness of salts like Calcium & Magnesium & neutralizes the acidic conditions.
Hardness Control:-RXSOL-50-5004-007 provides phosphate reserve  to effectively  react with  and precipitate the hardness salts introduces with the feed water.
Sludge Conditioner:-RXSOL-50-5004-007 component  will preventing the sludge from  adhering to metals surfaces. Boiler sludge can only be removed by blow down.
Oxygen Scavanger:-Catalyzed  of  RXSOL-50-5004-007    controls  the formation of  oxygen to protects boiler & steam line corrosion protection. As an  additional benefits it will assist to neutralize dissolved carbon dioxide. In this way  RXSOL-50-5004-007  preventing oxygen “Pitting” corrosion.


Packaging, Handling, First Aid & Storage:-RXSOL-50-5004-007  is generally supplied in drums containing 25 Kg/50 Kg barrel . Avoid contact with skin and eyes wear goggles & PVC gloves when handling. Keep an eye wash bottle close to the point of use. Do not take internally.On contact with Skin/Cloth, wash immediately with cupious amount of water. If eyes are affected they should be washed with water for at least 15 Minutes and medical attention sought immediately. If swallowed do not induces vomiting give plenty of water and call doctor immediately.

                                                                    **Keep drums tightly closed when not in use.**



• Convenient treatment, which provides the basic alkalinity on which successful water treatment depends.
• Provides optimum conditions for hardness control to function.
• Neutralizes acid conditions.
• Will assist in keeping silica in suspension.
• Simple test to determine level of treatment.
• Can be used in boilers of all pressures.
• Can be used as a neutralizer after acid cleaning operations
• Suitable for use with all auxiliary boilers; waste heat units; economizers, package boilers, smoke and water tube boilers.
• Dispersant action suspends sludge and sediment particles for efficient blow down.
• Oxygen scavenging for optimum protection.
• Protects boiler, steam lines, condensate lines and feed water lines from corrosion .
• Fast action due to catalyst .
• Simple test to determine level of treatment .

Technical Specifications

Control Procedure:-Control is by simple  boiler water tests or RX CLEANSERS  can provide a suitable test  kits for this purpose


Clear  liquid   

Solubility In Water


pH (1 Vol %)     





Corrosive to aluminium, magnesium, zinc and tin.   


No known effect.   


Product Size (in Kg )



The correct level of alkalinity ensures that optimum conditions exist for :
Precipitation of hardness salts in conjunction with phosphate.
Neutralization of acidic conditions. Avoidance of caustic corrosion.
Control of magnesium and calcium salts.
Control of hardness.
RXSOL-50-5004-007  provides a phosphate reserve to effectively react with and precipitate the hardness salts introduced with the feed water.

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RXSOL-50-5004-007 is best dosed by means of a bypass pot feeder directly into the boiler feed line.


RXSOL-50-5004-007 is strongly alkaline. RXSOL-50-5004-007  is best applied diluted with WATER ,  any convenient  strength on a continuous  basis using a  suitable chemicals pump . The product  should be applied to the boiler feed tank or feed line to ensure adequate  mixing. The dosage rate of   RXSOL-50-5004-007  is dependent on boiler operating condition, Feed 1 Kg  of RXSOL-50-5004-007 solution for per thousand Ltr of boilers water Then control  the  system by  Periodic Alkalinity  test procedure.  If p-Alkalinity is below 200  ppm  increase the  ratio of  RXSOL-50-5004-007   solution. If  p-Alkalinity  is above  400 ppm  reduce  the  concentration of 
RXSOL-50-5004-007 solution by dilution with water.


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