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Oil Spill Remover 25 Ltr
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Floor Care ( Polish / Cleaner ) -13

The RXSOL-17-1058-025 is the new, 3rdgeneration dispersant which is the latest water and Surface Active Agent  based formulation oil spill dispersant with no flash point, non toxic and free from petroleum distillate and soluble in sea or fresh water.use as Type II . It can be used concentrated or diluted to a ratio of 1:10 depending on the contamination level. It is an efficient and environmental friendly product containing no hydrocarbons. It has been specifically designed for oil dispersion at sea, it can be applied by spray from booms on work boats, hand sprayers or hoses using an injector.

This product is specially designed for complete emulsification of oil by which subsequent dispersion takes place.


Feture and Benifit :

 -High dispersion efficiency product
- Avoid the crude oil to end-up on shore
- Simple, quick and efficient answer
 - Efficient dispersion of wide range of oils in a broad range of temperatures,
- High efficiency for cleaning hydrocarbons (oils and other related products)
- For cleaning of hydrocarbons spills on deck, ships side, piers, wharfs, etc., where allowed.
- Cleaning up after spills that may occur during loading of bunkers where allowed.
- Minimizes environmental damage.
- Does not contribute further to pollution.
• Cost effective and economical.
• Easy to handle and apply.

Physical Properties
Appearance / Color :Clear to Slight Yellow liquid
Density (g/ml)          :1.00–1.05 at 20°C
Odor                        :Characteristic ether like odor
Flash Point              :NA
pH                            : 7


The Rxsol OIL Spill Dispersant Type II uses non-ionic surfactant formulation with exceptional dispersing strength when applied with agitation can break up oil slicks, grease masses, sludge, general dirt and grime to leave a high clean surface. Suitable for use at sea,docks or in port where petroleum based products are not allowed.
HIGH – EMULSIFICATION rate Converts hydrocarbons particle  in to  very fine emulsions.        Ready to use product. Suitable for Crude  / Bitumen / Residual  / Diesel / Kerosene, White spirit  & Lube oils etc .          Effective  on oil spills at plateform , during loading or discharging of  cargo  or bunkers .              For cleaning of spills on Deck, Ships side, Piers, Wharfs, etc. where allowed .


The Rxol Oil Spill Dispersant Type - II  to be used  to be used is 1 litre per 15–20 m2 as tested on a spillage of BH crude oil. The Rxsol Oil Spill Dispersant Type II uses non-ionic surfactant formulation with exceptional dispersing strength when applied with agitation can break up oil slicks, grease masses, sludge, general dirt and grime to leave a high clean surface. Suitable for use at sea, docks or in port.

For Use in Sea (Oily Water Surface) : -

By Aerial Spraying

The aircraft using the appropriate form of spraying equipment which has been tested and found satisfactory .may spray Rxsol Oil Spill Dispersant Type II ,over the sea, the product being used neat.

By Boat:
Direct a hard coarse spray surface at the surface of the spill with nozzle pressure of 80 to 100 psi, continually move the stream of water over the spill.

For Use in Oil Spill in case of Fire : -

Handle the same as for dispersing oil spills, moving a narrow coarse spray over burning Oil and fuel  surface. In emergencies, foam pick up nozzles may be used. But air intake at the nozzle should be covered to give a harder stream of water.

For Use in Oil Spill at Shore:-

Wash off the spill by directing a hard course stream of Rxsol Oil Spill Dispersant Type II directly at the surface and rinse off spill. Alternatively, work the dispersant over the spill surface and rinse off with strong jets of water.The quantity of Rxsol Oil Spill Dispersant demanded depends on the size of contamination in the affected area.Repetition of the cleaning process may be necessary, until oil–spill elimination is complete.

On Ship:-

Spray the required quantity of the product, with the appropriate spraying equipment, over the oil spill. After spraying  mix thoroughly using a brush, mop, sponge or any other stirring device feasible to move with rapid and irregular action.Pour water over the treated surface and mix vigorously.Rinse thoroughly by applying high–pressure Machine or any other available source.Repeat cleaning if require necessary.



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