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Brick / Concrete sealer
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Construction Chem-67

Best and Economical products for Concrete & Brick Sealer for protection of damp and water penetration through brick, cement and concrete. It has a unique action that acts as a one way valve allowing the vapour out but not allowing the water in due to its high water reppellent in nature.
RXSOL All Purpose Concrete, Brick, & Stone Sealer is a penetrating, silane-siloxane water repellent that bonds beneath the surface of concrete and masonry surfaces to protect against the damaging effects of water. This product can be used on any exterior, above-grade, untreated concrete or masonry surface. It is non-film forming, and will not alter surface color or appearance to most surfaces when properly applied.

This product can be used on any exterior, porous concrete or masonry surface including: concrete wall sealer, concrete driveway sealer, concrete sidewalk sealer, concrete patio sealer, brick wall sealer, brick walkway sealer, brick patio sealer, cultured stone wall sealer, manufactured stone wall sealer, stone veneer sealer, and any surface made with sandstone, limestone, natural stone, or porous granite surface.

For best results, use RXSOL All Purpose Concrete & Masonry Cleaner to clean the surface before using this product. Note: this product is not designed for interior use.


Avoid contact from SOLVENT after application.

  • Clear, Water Repellent Protection for All Exterior, Porous Masonry & Concrete Surfaces Including Concrete, Brick, Natural Stone, Sandstone, Limestone, Cultured Stone (Stone Veneer/Manufactured Stone), Granite, and More
  • Waterproofs and Protects Masonry & Concrete Surfaces from Water Damage & Freeze/Thaw Damage
  • Doesn't Form a Film, Allows Trapped Moisture to Escape Which Prevents Pitting, Cracking & Delaminating
  • Water-Based/Eco-Friendly - Soap & Water Cleanup, Low Odor
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RXSOL Brick & Concrete Sealer is an ecological formulation which protects brick and concrete from moisture. The anti stain action is due to its technologically advance formation, protecting deep inside the brick pores for a long period of time. RXSOL Brick & Concrete Sealer does not change natural aspect of the surface and it will not create any type of film or plastic effect while allowing vapour to escape and is UV resistant.

  • WATERPROOFS - Deep seals porous brick, mortar, and masonry waterproofing it against rain and surface water.
  • REPELS – Sheds surface water, oil, chemicals, spills on smoother surfaces.
  • RESTRICTS - Water vapor transmission.
  • REDUCES - efflorescence and concrete dusting.
  • CONCRETE & BRICK PRIMER - Allows for use of paints or coatings like epoxy, urethane, acrylics (but not latex).
Technical Specifications


The best application for Brick Seal is where faulty guttering or porous brickwork has allowed water to enter the surface.

Just apply 2 coats at 24 hour intervals. There should not be a water contact on the surface up to 24 hours after the application.

Common Use: Damp basements, foundation walls, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, slab-on-grade, damp concrete floors, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, sweating garage floor, deteriorated outdoor concrete, dusting concrete, limestone, sandstone foundation.

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dilute up to 10 - 25 % with fresh water , before application.

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