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Antifreeze Coolant Liquid
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Coolant Glycol Antifreeze-27

RXSOL ANTIFREEZE Corrosion Inhibitor


Antifreeze compound for cooling water systems , It is a Very effective blend of GLYCOL classified chemicals along with CORROSION inhibitor to protects all engineering precious metal including aluminium . Its chemically treated layer protect radiators and engines, against rust and corrosion. Its proper dose in cooling system gives full protection from corrosion.

It is biodegradable and does not present an environmental problem.






Antifreeze Special is free from amine, phosphate and nitrite etc. And uses as  engine Antifreeze as well as coolant. This product is based on ethylene glycol. It contains a corrosion inhibitor,  salts of organic acids and silicates (Si-OAT). It protects all metallic parts against corrosion and deposits in the cooling system.


The product protects all parts of cooling system from frost, oxidation and overheating.

It has long-term protection against corrosion for all materials used in the engine and radiator construction, such as cast iron, aluminium, copper and solder alloys as well as a good compatibility with hoses, seals or plastics.

It contains carefully selected amine, nitrite, boron and phosphate free inhibitors and is therefore environmentally friendly.

Tag Identification

Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant is used by all vehicles for heat transfer. Antifreeze Coolant should be efficient in transferring the heat as well as preventing scale & corrosion of the radiator and the engine cooling system. Antifreeze Coolant is antifreeze during the winter due to low freezing point and an anti boiling during the summer season due to high boiling point.


Antifreeze Coolant or Radiator Coolant helps the engine to give optimum performance. All Antifreeze Coolant is based on Ethylene Glycol. RXSOL is selling Antifreeze Coolant.  RXSOL meets the international JIS - K - 2234 or OEM specification & Supersedes.

Technical Specifications


Solution Strength :
25 Ltrs RXSOL-16-4020-020 : 75 Ltrs Water gives freezing protection up to -140C  "or" 25% solution (1 part anti-freeze to 3 parts water)
For extra cold / winter climate , increase to a 33% solution (1 part anti-freeze to 2 parts water) to give freezing protection down to -170C.



Industrial Area

Helps to avoid engine extreme temperatures. RXSOL ANTIFREEZE contains special anti-freeze and anti-rust additives.


An antifreeze is an additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid


Chemical stable Low Viscosity

Longer Life, Less corrosive to the metal parts & less changes

Highly effective in heat transfer

Low Freezing point & High Boiling point

Keep the engine cool & prevent the over heating

Improve the air conditioner output.

Less Scale formation & degrading

Enhance fuel performance.


EYES : Irrigate copiously with clean, fresh water for at least 15  minutes. Seek medical advice.
SKIN :  Wash  immediately  with  plenty  of  water.  Remove  contaminated   clothing.  If  irritation  persists  seek  medical attention.  Wash  contaminated  clothing  before  using  them.
INHALATION : Remove to fresh air. If breathing is irregular seek medical advice.
INGESTION :  Obtain  immediate  medical  attention.  Induce  vomiting  only  if indicated  by  the  doctor.  Never  give anything  by  mouth  to  an  unconscious  person.


Useful Area



Fully formulated ethylene glycol base Coolant that has improved heat transfer ability.

Organic Acid Technology providing superior corrosion and rust protection leading to reduced maintenance.

Meets industry leading specifications – JIS K 2234 Class 2, ASTM D3306, BS 6580:2010.


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