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Ammonia Solution Liquor
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Ammonium Hydroxide Solution Liquid Ammonia 25% exporter and supplier in Fujairah, Muscat, Nairobi, Kenya, Sudan, Yemen, Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Ajman, Ruwi Barka, Sohar, Oman, Mumbai, Kandla, Gandhidham , Surat, Hazira, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Haldia, Kolkata, Varanashi, Tata Ranchi


Ammonia Solution 25%

The finished product can be supplied in :: - IBC TANKS / ISO TANKS / JERRYCANS

HDPE Drums ( 100 / 190 / 210 / 220 kg Net capacity) ,

HDPE Jerry cans (20 / 30 / 50 kg Net capacity)

Road Tankers (8 / 9 /10 M.T. Net capacity)

1000 Ltrs IBC Tank Containers .

ISO TANK OF 22 M.T. Net Capacity ( Exports Only ) 


Use as a nitrogen fertiliser : Ammonia is great source of nitrogen.
Recommendation for home garden 1 drop per plant, To obtain a lush green lawn and to ensure your flowerbeds are in full bloom come springtime. Otherwise follow these steps: Simply add 1 cup of ammonia per 20 gallons of water. Add any additional fertiliser you may like to use.Otherwise excess qty of ammonia can create risk of damaging your plant rather than helping them grow. 

Ammonia is as a degreaser, effective cleaner to remove stains and grease splatters on the stove, countertops, stainless steel surfaces, tiles and other dirty surfaces.  To make the ammonia degreaser, simply half fill any empty bottle fill the other half with warm water and shake well. Use the ammonia solution directly onto the surface you wish to degrease, but you can also use it to soak dried on stains like sauces encrusted on the hob.

Just remember not to use ammonia on marble surfaces.

Ammonia as a GLASS cleaner-  clean windows and mirrors with ammonia to get exceptional results. The ratio you will need is 2 tablespoons of ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) per half gallon of water. Ammonia is streak free so using it should be easier to remove all kinds of stains or fingerprints and get sparkling windows in a matter of minutes. Use the proper cleaning cloths so that you don't leave marks.

Ammonia to clean cloth stain - You can use ammonia to clean clothes, since it's also effective for removing stains from fabrics. You can remove wine stains with ammonia but first try a little on a spot that isn't visible, to prevent damaging the clothing item. Be careful if you have delicate material as you do not want to damage its integrity. If you have spilled on clothes made of delicate materials like silk or linen, a softer cleaning method is required.

Technical Specifications
PRODUCT NAME : Ammonia Aqueous
CAS number : 1336-21-6
UN number :  2672
Formula : NH4OH
Solubility in water : COMPLETE
Density : 0.88 g/ml
Boiling point : 36 oC
Melting point : -77 oC
Vapour pressure : 153 mbar at 20 oC
Skin absorption/irritation : YES
TLV Country NL Year   1995 : 25 ppm  18mg/m3
Pollution category 1994 : C

Export Packing 

Product Regular suppy Port Packing Packing Mode


CNF - Jebel Ali

80 DRUMS X 215 KGS = 17.2 mt/fcl UNPALLET
640 JC X 30 KGS = 19.2 mt/fcl UNPALLET
18 IBC X 900 KGS = 16.2 mt/fcl IBC



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