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Borax Sodium Borate
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Detergent & Soap-12

Borax is used as Fused products (glass, glass fibre ceramics, frits, glazed, porcelain enamels). And as fluxes and metallurgical operation (welding and brazing steel industry (paste fluxes, soldering fluxes), Also Dishwashing products, soaps and detergents

Borax Lubricants, grinding wheels, adhesives, rust inhibitors, Borax used as Fertilizers as Micronutrients and also used in leather industries.

Borax is Boron chemicals.


Borax is classified as a detergent booster in laundry detergent as a versatile cleaning agent. We are a classified Borax exporter and supplier detergent manufacturing company.



Fused products (glass, glass fibre ceramics, frits, glazed, porcelain enamels)

As fluxes and metallurgical operation (welding and brazing steel industry (paste fluxes, soldering fluxes)

Dishwashing products, soaps and detergents

Lubricants, grinding wheels, adhesives, rust inhibitors

Fertilizers as Micronutrients


Boron chemicals

Technical Specifications

Appearance:  White crystalline solid  

Color: White 

Odour: None

Taste: Alkaline  

Refractive Index: 1.472

Boiling Point/Range : 1460 degree Celcius 

Melting Point/Range:  <800 degree Celcius 

Flash point: Not applicable 

Flammability: Not Inflammable 

Autoignition temperature: Not applicable 

Explosive properties: None 

Oxidizing properties: Not applicable 

Vapour pressure: None 

Density: 2170 kg/m2

Relative Density: 1.7

Heavy atom count: 23

Complexity: 121

Bulk Density: 1030 kg/m2

Solubility in water: 310 g/l (18 degree celcius) 

Solubility: Soluble in Glycerol and insoluble in ethanol 

pH value: 7.8 (18 degree Celcius) and 9.2 (25 degree Celcius)

Viscosity: Not applicable 

Relaive Vapour density (air=1): None 


Borax chemically called sodium tetraborate decahydrate.  Utility wise borax classified as a laundry booster for cleaning, and as a fungicide, preservative, insecticide (ants, fleas etc), disinfectant, desiccant and water softener. And at home Borax can be us as an excellent multi-purpose household cleaner.


Borax can be mixed with most other cleaning agents, including chlorine bleach.

Useful Area

Borax major utilization : Glass and porcelain industries are the major consumers of borax and boric acid.

It is an essential component of heat-resisting borosilicate glass, glass fibres and industrial & optical glass. In glass, enamels and ceramics, it controls thermal expansion, improves durability, assists melting processes and adds to inorganic colours and decorations.

Borax is used in medicine (boric powder), leather processing, adhesive, corrosion inhibition, ferrous wire manufacture, flame-proofing and timber preservation.

Borax is used as a flux in brazing, welding, soldering and in the manufacture of artificial gems like, cubic boron nitride, (commercially called 'Borazon') which equals diamond in hardness and boron carbide, titanium boride and tungsten boride which are next to diamond in hardness.

Its easy solubility and property to soften hard water find applications in soaps, cleaners & detergents and for water treatment. Because of its mild alkalinity and germicidal nature, it is used in manufacturing toothpastes and mouth washes.

Borax is used as an antiseptic and emulsifying agent in cosmetics industry. As a decolourising agent, it is used in vanaspati industry. In textile industry, borax is used as a decolourising agent as well as for maintaining the alkalinity of solutions used for producing rayons. It prevents mould formation in citrus fruits.

In agriculture, borax is used as an essential plant nutrient.

Boron compounds are used for fertilizers, algicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Borax and boric acid are used in fire-retardant treatment.

Borax also used as food grain preservative, respectively.

Borate ester is used as dehydrating agent, special solvent and catalyst in chemical industry. In nuclear reactor, boron acts as neutron absorber. "Boron neutron capture therapy", a form of radiochemotherapy, is becoming increasingly important for treatment of certain forms of cancers and boron neutron capture synovectomy for treatment of arthritis.


Borates are consumed mainly in glass fibre for insulations and textile-grade fibre. They are also used as anti-knock agents in gasoline. Diborane (gas), pentaborane (liquid) and decaborane (solid) are potential jet and rocket engine fuels. Boron hydride also has potential value as rocket fuel. The high energy fuel value imparted by the addition of boron compounds has given considerable strategic significance to borates. Another use of borates is the invention of oxgano-sodium borate (liquibor) for use in hydraulic brake fluids.


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