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Detergent & Soap-12

Triethanolamine TEA
Triethanolamine is a colorless to pale yellow, hygroscopic viscous liquid with slight ammoniacal odor. We are supplier and exporter of TEA.


If RXH is not acid enough to release a proton at alkaline pH, as it is the case with amines, then the reaction has to be carried out in two steps. During the first step the first EO mole is added at acid pH, so that the amine is transformed in ammonium. The reaction produce the mono-, di- and tri-ethanol amines. 

Proton release from ammonium NH4+ → NH3 + H+ (here RX- is NH3) Then, the three condensation reactions: 


NH3 + EO → NH2CH2CH2OH (mono-ethanol amine MEA)
NH2CH2CH2OH + EO → NH(CH2CH2OH)2 (di-ethanol amine DEA)
NH-(CH2CH2OH)2 + EO → N(CH2CH2OH)3 (tri-ethanol amine TEA) 

With an alkyl amine, first the alkyl ammoniumion is formed and it is deprotonated: 

RNH3+ → RNH2 + H+ (here RX- is RNH2)
RNH2 + EO → RNH-CH2CH2OH (mono-ethanol alkyl amine)
RNH-CH2CH2OH + EO → RN(CH2CH2OH)2 (di-ethanol alkyl amine) 

Once the ethanol amine is attained, the EO polycondensation is carried out at alkaline pH as previously. In many instance the first ethoxylation is stopped when the monoethanol alkyl amine is formed in order to avoid the polycondensation in more than one chain. 

 CAS number       : 102-71-6
 UN number       :  
 Formula         : (HOC2H4)3N
Solubility in water    : COMPLETE
Density : 1.13     at 20    oC
Boiling point    : 360 oC
 Melting point  : 21 oC
  Viscosity          :  
 Flashpoint            : 190 oC
 Explosive limits      : 1.2 - ? Vol%
 Vapour pressure       : .03 mbar at 20 oC
 Skin absorption/irritation           : YES
 TLV       Country  NL             Year  1995   :  
 Pollution category    1994      : D
Tag Identification

MOLECULAR formula : N(CH2CH3)3

ANTI-LIVERING AGENT(An anti-livering agent is a coating additive used to prevent the increased consistency of a precipitate from forming on a metal surface due to polymerization or other chemical reactions) FOR UREA & MELAMINE BASED ENAMELS; RECOVERY OF GELLED PAINT VEHICLES; CATALYST FOR POLYURETHANE FOAMS; FLUX FOR COPPER SOLDERING.


Technical Specifications

 CAS number       : 102-71-6
 UN number       :  
 Formula         : (HOC2H4)3N
Solubility in water    : COMPLETE
Density : 1.13     at 20    oC
Boiling point    : 360 oC
 Melting point  : 21 oC
  Viscosity          :  
 Flashpoint            : 190 oC
 Explosive limits      : 1.2 -  Vol%
 Vapour pressure       : .03 mbar at 20 oC
 Skin absorption/irritation           : YES
 TLV       Country  NL             Year  1995   :  
Pollution category  1994 : D

T.E.A is used as intermediate in the manufacture of surface active agents, textile specialties, antirust compounds, waxes, polishes, herbicides, petroleum demulsifies, cement additives and cutting oils.

It also finds extensive use in the manufacture of Synthetic resins, as a solvent for casein, shellac and dyes, for increasing the penetration of organic liquids into wood and paper in the production of lubricants for textile industry and in making emulsions with mineral and vegetable oils, paraffin and waxes.

Industrial Area

Tri Ethanol Amine TEA ready stock in various size and packing. Triethanolamine is chemically alkaline products which is also used as surfactant emulsifier and neutralizing acidic value to adjust pH chemical nature. TEA most commonly used in Fragrance Ingredient; pH balancing Adjuster; As a Surfactant - Emulsifying Agent; also as BUFFERING and MASKING agent.


Useful Area

More application :

Adhesives : Hot melt/Polyesters, Urea/Phenol/formaldehyde, Asphalt/Bituminous, Refractory binders.

Agricultural Chemicals : Neutralize, Algaecide lye peeling assist.

Antistatic Agents : Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyamide Polyester, Cotton Fibers, Carpet Backings.

Cement Concrete : Grinding Aid, Fluidity improver strength improver, Mechanical Stability agent, Workability improver, Set Accelerator, Whiteness improver.

Coatings : Water-borne, metal, Glass/film solvent free/Accelerators, Electropheretic.

Coating Remover: Penetrant/Accelerant

Corrosion Inhibitor : In Lub Oils, in Hydraulic Fluids, Coolants with Bactericidal effect, for Aluminium, for Ferrous Metals.

Electroless Plating : Copper

Electroplating : Silver, Tin, Zinc, Cadium, Copper-Nickel, Tin-Nickel, Tin-Cobalt Alloy.

Expoxy: Hardner.

Fuels : High Octane, .Propellent

Inks, Printing : Diazo Dyes, Inks.

Lithography: Developer

Metal Working Cleaning Lubricating : Metal Forming Lubricant, aqueous Lubricant, Cutting Fluid, Cleaners/Degreasers, Etchant.

Mining : Floatation, Dust control

Paint / Pigments : Adhesion improver Thixotropic additive, TiO2 dispersant, Grinding Aid, Pigment dispersant

Petroleum-Coal : Drilling Mud stabilizers, thermal oxidation stabilizers, chemical washes, Tertiary recovery, surfactant, Demulsifier, Oxygen scavenger, Gelling Agent-Fuel.

Polymers : Thermal oxidation stabilizers, Polymerization initiator, Cross-linker, Plasticizer, Chain transfer agent.

Rubber Processing : Vulcanization Accelerator, Stabilizer/ Antioxidant, Activater-filled rubber Dispersant, Chain termination agent.

Soldering Flux : Penetrent.

Textiles : Finishes-Dispersant, Cross linker, Softeners, Lubricant, Bleaching aid, Dye-neutralizers, Fixation catalyst, Extruder cleaner.

Urethanes : Polyol, Chain extender cross linking/curing agent, Catalyst, Modifier, Solubilizer, Degradation waste foam.

Wood Pulping : Swelling Agent.

Use industrial and consumer based:

Triethylamine is an important commercial chemical. It is used as a curing catalyst in foundry molds (foundry is a factory in which metals are cast into different shape by keeping in a container or mold after removing which the metal solidifies and gains that shape), and in particle-board adhesives. It is used for the precipitation and purification of antibiotics. It is used for the production of polycarbonate resins. Triethylamine is found in tobacco smoke, two household use products (floor finish, stump and vine killer) and is approved for use in food and food packaging.


TRIETHYLAMINE is a clear colorless liquid with a strong ammonia to fish-like odor.Vapors irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen when burned.

TES mixes easily with water.


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