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Drain Opener No Odor (Power Plunger)
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Non-fuming, economical, low odor, no boil up, no backflash, harmless to pipes, rubber and septic tanks.  This powerful, highly concentrated, ready to use, alkaline drain opener and maintainer may be used to clear clogged drains of organic matter, hair, paper, grease, and oils.  As a drain maintainer, it can keep drain lines clear and free flowing and reduce offensive odors which are emitted by rancid matter in the drain lines.  This alkaline drain opener works by saponification of grease and oil, turning them from hard, insoluble matter into soft, soapy- like material which is soluble in water.  Note:  Do not use this product with any other type of chemical.  Ready to use.

Used in:-

Markets:  Hotels, motels, apartments, prisons, schools, municipal buildings, restaurants, &  plumbing services.

  • Obtain an empty mayonnaise jar, and enough Crisco, or bacon grease to fill jar up 1/3 of the way.
  • Add water to Crisco or bacon grease so jar in now 2/3 full.  Add enough Power Plunger to raise contents of jar by 2 inches.
  • Within 10 to 15 minutes, the product will turn grease into a soft liquid material.
  • Power Plunger is much safer to use that acid products, and will not harm pipes or pipe joints.



Other Details:

  • The cleaning and maintenance of pipes of washbasin and sinks is a strenuous and difficult task, but Drainup Drain Cleaner makes your work easy.
  • It effectively cleans blockage of the pipes of washbasins and sinks.
  • Frequently chopped food particles gets jammed and clogged in the entrance of the pipes and produces wreckage that effects the regular flow of water resulting in foul smell, but drainup drain cleaner removes the blockage very easily without costing much of your time.
  • Drainup Drain Cleaner is your instant solution to remove oil and dirt materials from drainpipes.
  • One time use pack.
  • 3 action instant drain clean.


  • Remove excess water from blocked kitchen sink, wash basin or tub.
  • Pour the content into the blocked sink.
  • Add a cup of water and leave for approximately 30min.
  • Flush well with water.
  • Repeat application for stubborn blocks.


  • Clears clogged drains
  • Melts grease and hair
  • Keeps drain germs free


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