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Potable Water Stabilizer Powder
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Evaporator Treat-51

Potable Water Stabiliser effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water systems and other shipboard once-through water systems.


AppearancePowder white, soluble in water

Contact with eyesProlonged exposure may cause abrasive irritation of the eyes

Contact with skinIn cases of severe exposure, irritation may develop

InhalationProlonged exposure may cause abrasive irritation of the mucous membranes

 IngestionThe ingestion of significant quantities may cause gastro-intestinal disturbances


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Technical Specifications

Product Specifications


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Potable Water Stabiliser effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water systems and other shipboard once-through water systems.

Dosage varies between 4 – 8 mg/ltr for ordinary water treatment. For drinking water, dosage should always be kept at or below 9 mg/ltr (9 g/ton).

The powder product should not be dosed directly into the water system. A water solution should be made prior to dosing. 

Dosing method

Potable Water Stabiliser should be dosed to a suitable point in the system. If the expansion tank is used, adequate circulation must be assured.


Prevents «Red Water» in potable water systems. Provides scale and corrosion control in hot water heaters, coolers and water tanks. Controls corrosion in pipelines and other equipment handling softened or evaporated water. Effective at temperatures up to 60°C (140°F). Increases system life and reduces maintenance costs.


Dosage and control

Make a 5% solution in fresh water by adding the powder slowly to the water while stirring. The solution should preferably ne portioned to maintain desired dosage, either by means of a simple bypass feeder.

The product can be injected into the discharge line of the fresh water generator or directly into the fresh water pumps’ suction manifold. If a high percentage of shore water is used the solution must be “slug” dosed into the tanks prior to taking water. 

Inject a 5% solution at a rate of 0.12 litres per m3 of water to obtain a 6 mg/ltr concentration.


For 20 m3 per day:      Dose 0.1 ltr/hour = 2.4 ltr/day of the solution.

For 100 m3 per day:    Dose 0.5 ltr/hour = 12 ltr/day of the solution. 

For larger systems, stronger solutions up to 20% can be made. The dosage rate may then be reduced proportionally, which will extend the time period between each filling of the dosing tank. However, production of stronger solutions may require improved stirring equipment.


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