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Aqua Wash Cleaner
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AquaWash Cleaner is classified as Ship hold Cleaning chemicals. Aqua Wash Cleaner is a superior degreaser also can be utilized as general purpose cleaning and degreasing agent for removal of oil and residues including salt, coal dust and its residues. Aqua Wash Cleaner contains anionic and nonionic surfactant including the powerful alkaline dispersing agent. Aqua Wash Cleaner can be used on most common metals, synthetic materials, rubber and hardened paints and lacquers. 


Its biodegradable, non-flammable formula makes easy to handle personnel. it, being non-toxic, non-caustic, free from solvents and completely , water-based cleaner, safe to use on all materials and can be used in non-ventilated areas. 



• Special Biodegradable product for the removal of coal dust

• Suitable for most surfaces  and helps to clean the majority of tank coating materials, lacquered or painted surfaces, light materials, plastics and textiles

• No organic solvents and it can be used in ultrasonic tanks and immersion soak tanks

• Non-flammable designed to be used in the offshore market, ships hold and tank cleaning.

• Aqua Wash Cleaner has many general cleaning purposes, i.e. the removal of oil, sludge, carbon deposits, greases, general dirt and grime

• Aqua Wash Cleaner works efficiently for Engine Room cleaning.

• Cleaner for cargo tank (after mineral, animal, vegetable and fish oils)

• A Completely biodegradable general purpose cleaner for decks, toilets, bulkhead and galley

• Cleaner for soiled materials, such as covers, mats, rugs, overalls, etc

• Cleaner for hulls, painted surfaces and glass fibre boats

• Mineral oil free cleaner, it can use pressure washing machine. And it can be diluted 1 Ltr Aqua Wash Cleaner with 200 Ltrs WATER.


Technical Specifications

Aquawash classified as liquid detergent having a strong formulation with anionic and non-ionic surfactants and proprietory emulsifying agents to resulting good foaming action.



Due to its powerful detergency effect, Aqua wash immediately start a chemical dissolving reaction to dissolve and removes oil, fat and grease. Its formulation is developed to solve many cleaning problems to use as multi cleaning action as an all-purpose cleaner in the engine room, on deck, Also is used as a tank cleaner. 


For removal of final coal dust residues, spray neat and leave for 10 – 20 minutes and then pressure wash with fresh or sea water. While for General cleaning: Aqua Wash Cleaner can be diluted to a 2% solution in water for light cleaning. It must be allowed to soak for 1-15 minutes before rinsing with a waterjet. The effectiveness of the product is increased by using water at a temperature of 20 up to 60°C for dilution and rinsing. 

Spraying Method: It may be used neat or diluted by up to 50 parts of water, according to the amount and type soil to be removed For contamination, Aqua Wash Cleaner is sprayed on undiluted and left for 20 - 60 minutes. It must then be hosed off with a powerful waterjet, whilst brushing the surfaces.

Direct injection Recirculation method: Dose rate: 0.5 – 5 litres per tonne wash water (0.05 – 0.5%) through tank washing machines

Spot Cleaning. Hand sprayed neat or diluted up to 1 – 5 parts water and left for about 20 – 30 minutes before washing off with water

Ultrasonic tank cleaning. 50ml: 50 ltrs water (increase as required).


Aqua wash hold cleaning detergent.


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