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Tank Cleaner-20

Ecoclean RX is multipurpose biodegrdadable cleaner on respect of all environment dispositions. This water based product is non toxic, complete biodegradable and safe to be used. A correct combination of natural citrus oil, Surfactant added along with advanced wetting agents, which increse its high degreasing properties.


Ecoclean tank cleaning detergent is eco friendly and non-toxic biodegradable tank cleaner also used as multipurpose tank cleaner. ECOCLEAN is compatible with most tank coatings.

Tag Identification

ECO CLEAN is classifed tank cleaner for marine and oil field industries.


• New advanced ecological formula
• Water based degreaser
• Non Flammable
• Non toxic
• No risk of water pollution during disposal operation
• Compatible with 0IL/WATER separators.
• Promotes an healthy and pleasant smell in the working area
• Dilution rate very economical
• Compatibility with all types of tank coatings.

Technical Specifications


Appearance : Pale Amber liquid
Density         : 15°C 1,0
Flash Point:  : Above 100°C
pH                 :  8

Metal           : Do not use with aluminium
Rubber        : May soften some rubber
Solubility     : Fully miscible in water
Biodegradable: Yes


Ecoclean RXSOL can be used for Multi purposes cleaning. Ecoclean RXSOL is use for many general marine cleaning and degreasing applications such as removal of greases, oil, sludges, carbon deposits, polymer compounds, general dirt and grime, vegetable and animal oils and greases. As engine room cleaner, it is largely used not only for degreasing, cleaning paint work and carbon removal, but also for soak tanks, ultrasonic cleaning and high pressure cleaning equipment. After the use it demulsifies in the bilges or sloptanks and it is suitable for use with the Oil Water Sepretor.

Ecoclean RX is also commonly used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils, petroleum based Chemicals, Hydrocarbon freeing of cargo tanks, cleaning and degreasing double bottom, deep tanks, bilges etc. It is also largely used to clean cargo tanks after Vegetable, Fish and Animal oil. 

As a general purpose cleaner it is used for cargo Hold, Deck, Galley and  it is usable on most types of plastics and Vinyls.

Industrial Area

Ecoclean is advanced cargo tank cleaner which is effectively clean vegetable oil, fish oil, animal oil and mineral oils Also ecoclean easily emulsify petroleum based compound solvent and helps for hydrocarbon freeing of cargo tanks and for the cleaning and degreasing of double bottoms, deep tanks, bilges etc.


General Cleaning

Ecoclean RXSOL can be used anywhere for cleaning dirt, grease and oil contaminations.Application can be done by brush,spray-guns, ultrasonic tank-system, bath immersion,etc, with concentrate or diluted up to 10% in water and according to the type and the amount of contamination to be removed. After the application in the engine room, due to its separating properties, slops must be allowed to separate, 3 hrs. time approx, before being treated via the oil water separator.

Tank Cleaning

Suitable for cleaning tank from mineral oils, edible oils and for hydrocarbon free purpose.
• When using automatic tank-wash system by direct injection into the BWT Line or gun-cleaner the necessary solution has to be 0,5 - 1 per tonn approx.
• When using by re-circulation method from one tank into the next one, keep same cleaning solution for approx. 4-5 tanks depending on the tanks capacity and on the existing contamination, in this case, the concentration of product in water has to be approx. 3%-4%.

Spot and Deck  Cleaning

When necessary the product has to be used pure -sprayed onto the surface and allowed to soak for 30” approx. before washing off with plenty of water. Best cleaning results are obtained when chemical reactions occur together with the solution heated up till approx. 40-60°C. ECOCLEAN is compatible also in most of the tank-coat types; in any case please check the Ph of the paint-coat or revert to us for further technical information.

Useful Area

 Eco Clean used as a general cleaner it is used for bulkheads, deck and toilets.


Ecoclean marine tank cleaning chemicals.


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