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Lube Oil Additive Cleaner
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Tank Cleaner-20

Specialize developed formulation to dissociate bonding of lube oil additive from surface of tank. This product is prinicipally developed to make LUBE additive water soluble as well as depolymerise action of base product.


Lube Additives 1   ( Soluble in light Base oil and Gas oil )

Wide range of different types of additives for Luboil and Gas oil. In this category we kept light products with low viscosity until dark products with very high viscosity, which are Soluble in light Base oil and Gas oil.

Following Steps are usefull ::: A. Pre-Cleaning  - The pre-cleaning should be carried out with hot base oil or gas oil.  Fill 3-5 m3 gas oil or light  base  oil into  the  tank  and  Butter  worth  the  tank  sufficiently  by recirculation. If base oil is used the  cleaning  temperature should be above 60° C. If gas oil is  used  the  temperature should not exceed 50° C (flash point).

B. Butter   worth   the   tank  2  hours  with  hot  seawater  or freshwater (70-80°C). 

C . Prepare the following  cleaning  solution  in  freshwater  or seawater: 0.4 % RXSOL-20-2043-201 Butter worth the tank 1, 5 to 2, 0 hours by  recirculation. The  temperature  should  be approx. 70°C.The temperature can  be  achieved/maintained by means of   heating  coils, or  going  via t he  Butter  worth heater. Depending  on  the  amount  of  cargo  residues  the solution can be used for 1 to 3 tanks. 

D. Rinse the tank with fresh water. 

E. Ventilate, mop and dry the tank.


Lube Additives 2   

In this category of Lube Additives a pre-cleaning with base oil or gas oil is not necessary

A. PRE-CLEANING - Pre-wash the tank with freshwater of a warm to moderate temperature. Butterworth the tank 1 hour with seawater or freshwater of a moderate temperature.  Then Butterworth the tank 1 hour with hot seawater or freshwater (70- 80°C).      

B. Prepare the following cleaning solution in freshwater or seawater 0.4  % RXSOL-20-2043-201 Butter worth the tank 1, 5 hours by recirculation with a temperature of approx. 70°C.The necessarytemperature can be achieved/maintained by means of heating coils or going via the Butterworth heater. Depending on the amount of cargo residues the solution can be used for 1 to 3 tanks.

C. Rinse the tank with fresh water.

D. Ventilate, mop and dry the tank.


Further Cleaning Suggestions:

  •  For some Lube Additives a pre-cleaning with base oil or gas oil is not necessary. After butter Worthing with warm/ moderate water followed by hot water the residues can be removed by recirculation of a solution of 0, 4 % RXSOL-20-2043-201 or by injection of the RXSOL-20-2043-201 into the Butter worth system during the hot wash... The suitability of the RXSOL-20-2043-201 solution for the
     Lube  Additive in question can be easily pre-tested in a glass bottle.
  •  Some Lub Additives with higher viscosity can be removed by recirculation of a solution of 0.4% RXSOL-20-2043-201 and 5%
     RXSOL  AL 2005.
  •  Residues of Lube Additives can be sprayed and manually removed  with undiluted RXSOL AL 2005.
  •  Residues of Lube Additives can be as well sprayed and manually removed by a gas oil.


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