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Slurry (Not Clay Slurry) Cleaner
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Tank Cleaner-20

Slurry (Not Clay Slurry)

Through reaction with CO2 in the atmosphere the Slurry dries and hardens. Tank cleaning should be executed as soon as possible after discharge. Avoid heated cargoes in adjacent tanks. During cleaning pump the wastewater direct overboard and not into a slop tank. Do not mix different grades of Slurry (reaction between an-ionic and kat-ionic products).

  1. Butterworth the tank direct after discharge with cold fresh water for about 30 minutes.
  2. Butterworth the tank 2 hours with 40° C. warm seawater.
  3. Hand hoses the tank with seawater until the tank is free of slurry residues. (only a white film of slurry is left)
  4. For cleaning the cargo lines fill 15 m3 of seawater into the tank and pump this water with maximum pressure out to both sides of the manifold and dead ends.
  5. Drain and strip the tank and remove the sea water residues by fresh water flush. 
  6. Prepare the following cleaning solution in fresh water :


  •  0.4% RXSOL CTC-VOLC Example: 5 m3 fresh water
  •  10% Nitric Acid 1 pail RXSOL CTC-VOLC 500 litre Nitric Acid (63%)
     Butterworththe tank for 2 hours by recirculation with the prepared 
     solution (T. = ambient). Transfer the solution to the next tank.The
     above solution is suitable for approx. 4 to 5 tanks.       

    7.  Flush the tank 30 minutes with fresh water
    8.  Ventilate, mop and dry the tank


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